How to scan Linux server for malware with Linux Malware Detect

Many may say that Linux OS will not affected by virus and malware but this is definitely not true. There is no OS that is truly immune from virus or malware infection. If you are so unlucky that your server had infected and do not know where the malware is residing, don’t worry, you can scan it with Linux malware scanner. Below are the steps:

    1.  Login to your server SSH and download the Linux Malware Detect from
      # cd /tmp
      # wget


    2.  Extract the package
      # tar -zxvf maldetect-current.tar.gz

    3.  Install the scanner
      # cd maldetect*
      # ./


    4. Now, you can start scanning your directory. For example the path is /var/www/html
      # /usr/local/sbin/maldet -a /var/www/html